Empowering mortgage agents mortgage brokers on a coaching journey to uncover their strengths and skillsets to help build a successful career.

Our senior leadership empowers our mortgage agents to become the best they can be, Mortgage-trainning.ca was built out of the feedback by our own agents, they want their fellow mortgage agents in the industry to know there is an option for those who seek coaching and development to take their careers to the next level.

A lot of companies say they offer training and support to their agents, but really what does that mean?  Most of the brands offer outdated content, or content to hype you up with little to none follow up and how to use that information to be successful. It’s one thing to say you offer to support its another to provide the tools, resources and time.

Our mortgage agents are some of the most respected in the industry, our lenders support us and love our ability to package deals for approval, our partner services love how we are able to coach on positioning and sales, at the end of the day this is a journey for you and you need the right support and tools to have a successful journey.

“Mortgage-Training.ca is part of the Citadel Mortgages and gets results, experience the difference today!”

Senior Leadership Team

Rocky Rikhy

Rocky Rikhy

Regional VP - Ontario | Mortgage Agent

Courtney Pozzo

Courtney Pozzo

Corp Sales Leader | Mortgage Agent

Louis Amaral

Louis Amaral

Senior Associate, Business Development

Angelo Kappatos

Angelo Kappatos

Director, Commercial Mortgages

Tristan Kirk

Tristan Kirk

Managing Partner

Matthew Nicol

Matthew Nicol



Unleash the Power of Our People


  • Citadel Mortgages empowers our mortgage agents to excel in any role they choose.
Learn from Challenge and Change


  • Our industry is always evolving and new challenges come and go, Citadel Mortgages takes pride in ensuring our mortgage agents are prepared for what to come or how to handle the change as it comes.
Show Respect, Humility, and Integrity


  • It’s important to stay humble and keep your integrity in everything you do.
Have Fun While Being the Best
  • We take pride in ensuring our mortgage agents are the best and we encourage that you need to have fun while becoming the best.

What We Do Best

Fast Track Start Up Training


On-boarding Training

Lender Training


Lead Generation

Team Training

Underwriting 101

Advanced Sales Training

Ready to make a real change?

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