Welcome To Mortgage-Training.ca

Offering Coaching, Development Training to help grow yourself and your business.


Welcome To Mortgage-Training.caXXXXX

Offering Coaching, Development Training to help grow yourself and your business.

Powerful Mortgage & Business Training

We ensure we coach on how to build your business, create raving fans, build retention programs and marketing programs to build your book of business over time. Our core mortgage focused training will ensure you’re in the top tier in the industry and ready to handle most situations that you will come across.

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Fast Track Start Up Training


On-boarding Training

Lender Training


Lead Generation

Team Training

Underwriting 101

Advanced Sales Training

Citadel Mortgages Changing the way mortgages are done!

We provide all our agents with all the training for free. If your not part of the Citadel family yet contact us today!

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How to build your mortgage journey business 101


Underwriting 101


Success Stories

“As a new agent, the industry and the information can be extremely overwhelming and discouraging. The web-based training portal Citadel Mortgages has developed for its Agents is an extremely useful tool. It keeps track of all my course workload and my progress in comparison to my peers. Very user-friendly, accessible at any time, collaborative with instructors and peers.

I have been in the industry for a year now and I am truly happy I am part of Citadel Mortgages as my brokerage. Along with all the tools and support they provide their new agents, the training portal in my opinion is a life-saver.”

Angelo K

Agent, Mortgage Training

” Jumping with both feet into the financial industry with a background in science was incredibly daunting. Luckily, I landed smoothly. And that I owe, partly to our training portal akin to an all-encompassing mortgage encyclopedia (or better yet, search engine) and wholly to the incredible guidance and direction of the leadership team. I have never felt more supported nor encouraged in any other field. Our training portals are efficiently designed to help us find exactly what we’re looking for and are diligently updated with the latest information to ensure that we are educating our clients in the best way possible. Our training portal also enriches our knowledge of products and guidelines that allow us to broker smooth and easy transactions – not to mention help us fortify relationships, not only with our clients but with our lenders as well. Yes, it is fantastic. But it pales in comparison to the genuine support that we all are fortunate enough to have access to. Our leadership team is more than experienced brokers, they are also wonderfully patient and effective mentors. Their instruction assists in developing and continually improving our skills, helping us Be Better Mortgage Agents and propelling our careers forward. We are truly very lucky to have this plethora of resources at our disposal. And I, for one, am incredibly grateful. “

Sarah S

Agent, Mortgage Training

“Citadel Mortgage’s backend portal provides tons of information. It has everything that I need in order to services my clients and stays educated on the constant changes in the mortgage industry. It also helps me find the information I need, when I need it.

The backend portal helps me go the extra mile when doing due diligence on my clients to ensure all the information that is being provided is correct. Considering the amount of information that is in the backend, it is very organized and easy to navigate through, especially with the search bar.

It also helps contain with my workload. I am able to save time by going into the backend and finding the information I need compared to going on Google and reading articles or finding people to call to learn things off.”

Rocky Rikhy

Underwriter, The Citadel Lending Hub

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